Michael Dean GiamoMichael Dean Giamo was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. Recognizing his early talent in art and music, his parents sent him for private art lessons and tutoring in classical piano; and later, the pipe organ. As a youth he was immersed in creativity, and eventually developed an interest in medicine as well. After high school, Mike got a full-time job with Austin Organs in Hartford, CT. There he learned about the fine art of pipe organ building, tonal finishing, and tuning of the instrument.

Four years later Mike decided to go to college. He studied the sciences and fine art, and next decided to pursue a career in the field of medical illustration. Mike was accepted into the prestigious Ohio State University College of Medicine, where he was clinically-trained and became a certified medical illustrator and photographer. After graduation, he got a job at The Cleveland VA Medical Center. Through his position at the hospital, Mike was introduced to the [then new] field of computer-generated graphics. Completely awestruck, he immersed himself in the fields of computer-assisted design and 3-D animation. Digital video production and DSLR photography followed. As technology advanced, he produced other forms of interactive media as well.

In the early 1990s Mike decided to add composing sequenced MIDI music to his computer-based talents. During these years he expanded his own free-lance business, Wave Multimedia, now doing business as www.michaelgiamo.com. Returning again to Philadelphia, he got a long-term job at Drexel University as a programmer / analyst and multimedia producer. By the mid 1990s, Mike embarked on another new career direction: that of a Website developer, producing highly visual, easy-to-use, dynamic HTML / XHTML-based Websites, many consisting of HD video, CGI / animation, or Flash to enhance page content. Musically, in 1997 his first CD release, "The Soothsayer's Advice," was picked-up by RCA Records, who broadcast Mike's music internationally on its "Music Choice" cable TV channel; it's still played on radio stations around the world. Mike continues to compose: he taught himself to play acoustic guitar and sings lyrics he's written. He also performes his own visually-based stage shows to showcase his music. Mike's music also serves as the soundtracks for his video productions.

By 2002, Mike had been promoted to several directorial positions, overseeing large-scale Website development at Drexel. In 2005/06, he was selected to become the first Director of Web Communications at the new Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University. Mike left Drexel in 2009 to re-enter college - studying a core health curriculum - and by 2011 began a new curriculum devoted to state-of-the-art digital media production. His most recent web ventures, such as www.dilettanteFilms.net and the not-for-profit Website www.dilettante.us.com, demonstrate his talent - and continued interest in Web technology.

Today, Mike combines all of his talents and works in the greater Philadelphia / S. New Jersey / N. Delaware areas as a Web and digital media consultant, and free-lance medical illustrator, filmmaker / editor, and musician.

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